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From 2011
Last Friday, members of Messiah’s youth groups participated in the Second Annual Youth Coffeehouse, which was sponsored by Lois Graff. The evening consisted largely of food, friends, and entertainment.
            We were each invited to prepare an optional music performance for the coffeehouse. Before the music started, we gathered in the Parish Hall to catch up with friends that we hadn’t seen in a while. Members of both youth groups were present, as well as graduates from the last few years. We filled our plates at the nacho bar and snacked the entire night while enjoying each other’s company.
            After some casual conversation amongst ourselves, we took a moment to introduce ourselves to everyone. Then the performances began. The performers delighted everyone with their talents in singing and on piano, guitar, bass guitar, recorder, and tenor saxophone. As the evening wore on, the solo or duet performances turned into humorous singalongs around the piano.
            The coffeehouse was a wonderful opportunity to welcome new faces to the youth groups and say goodbye to those who are leaving for college soon. The casual environment put the performing musicians at ease. Some of us were pleasantly surprised by the talents that our friends had. The coffeehouse was a nice break from our back-to-school stress and the perfect occasion for us to be ourselves with our friends.  Editor’s Note: Thanks to Rebecca Mast for submitting this article.