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Church Council

Church Council Members – June 2017 to May 2018

Council Handbook & Staff Job Descriptions  Updated Oct 4, 2017

Executive Committee

President: Pastor Scott Peterson – scott@mlutheran.com

Vice President:  Mark Thompson – vicepres@mlutheran.com

Treasurer: Marcie Emerson – treasurer@mlutheran.com

Secretary: Greg Kilby – secretary@mlutheran.com

Council Representatives (click on position to view description)

Worship and Music: Terry Frakes – worship_music_rep@mlutheran.com

Outreach: John Shriver – outreach_rep@mlutheran.com

Stewardship: Heather Neely – stewardship_rep@mlutheran.com

Education and Youth:  Janell Zesinger – education_rep@mlutheran.com

Fellowship: Sonja Pedersen – fellowship_rep@mlutheran.com

Property: Pete Woods- property_rep@mlutheran.com

Finance: Dan Byers – finance_rep@mlutheran.com

Youth Representative: Bridie Ryan – youth_rep@mlutheran.com

Non-Council Positions

Sunday School Superintendent: Devonee Woods

Nominating Committee: Taylor Burton, Cheryl Byers, Laura Peterson, Richard Webb, Andrew Gipner, Mary Ann Stasiak

Audit Committee: Jay Perry, Ann Tippie, Matthew DeMarsh, Adam Neely

Personnel Committee: Gary Heideman, Glen Long, Bobbey Huwaldt